Proof of God on Christmas Day


To prove God exists we need a hypothesis and a premises from within which we would argue.

Hypothesis– Everything in the world if we take the world as the case, has opposites in the form of maxima and minima. So we have maximum knowledge and minimum knowledge which we could call wisdom and ignorance respectively. Likewise we have maximum power and minimum power. Maximum knowledge we call omniscience and maximum power we call omnipotence. We believe God has attributes of omniscience and omnipotence. If we are able to prove omniscience and omnipotence exist in life likewise we would deduce God exists.

Premises- We talk about the form of God and conclude the form in which God could exist. There is music in 11 dimension hyperspace which is hidden from us and which we could call as the form of God. This definition of God is concluded from String Theory. Now the spheres have music which listens to itself and is self conscious such that all the heavenly bodies listen  to music of String Theory. This music could be called Divine.

Proof– Now if we imagine, God made man in his image then the music must be resonant in man which we feel as omnipresent in every individual which could be thought as stored at some frequency in every individual. Thus music we could say is omnipresent. Any thing that is omnipresent must be omnipotent. Like a ruler who is present in every corner of the world is more powerful than the ruler present in only one place. Likewise the music of spheres is omnipresent and hence omnipotent. Hence it must have infinite wisdom. Thus we could say from our hypothesis God exists.

Conclusion– If String Theory is believed to have vibrations in 11th dimension, we could effectively conclude it is music and God exists in the from of music of spheres thus we could assume God exists.


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