Differences between Philosophy and Physics

Nowadays there is assimilation of Philosophy into Physics and Physics has begun to play archetypal role Philosophy once used to play. Philosophy has begun to cave into the mathematical constructs of Physics as legitimate science to explain the phenomenon of the universe and the world alike. But at the core the functions of Philosophy and Physics are quite different and Philosophy by virtue of its distinct function might enjoy the independence and dominance it once had over the world till Physics grew on to explain much of the nature as we know today. The differences between Philosophy and Physics are as follows.

  1. Physics deals with complete body of knowledge while Philosophy has incomplete knowledge that has to be discoursed about. Physics presents complete set of understanding of nature while Philosophy demands the elucidation of knowledge about nature.
  2. Physics is synthetic in nature as it doesn’t depend upon linguistics to explain the workings of nature while philosophy is analytic that language must explain the working of nature through analytic judgement.
  3. Physics deals with formation of nature while Philosophy touches upon the conception. Physics describes the ‘form’ of nature as opposed to the essence that is basically talked in Philosophy in relation to existence. Physics wants to know the form of universe while Philosophy knows the concept of universe.
  4. Physics is with ‘howness’ while Philosophy describes ‘whatness’. Physics deals with how the nature works while Philosophy deals with what the nature is about.

So Philosophy of Physics is important as to see how a particular form of nature like for example quarks bring about concepts of being in the universe so as to explain the what part of quark is responsible in passing analytic judgement about the’ being in universe’.


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