What it is to be an artist or a scientist?

Good is pleasure.

Good is knowledge.

So here we study how reality settles in an individual.

Either you seek pleasure or you seek knowledge.

The pleasure of flesh is the basic materialistic entity of kind

while the knowledge is idealistic in nature.

To opt from the two is the challenge for a man who could be an artist, scientist or a thinker.

The artist would seek the pleasure of the senses while scientist opt for knowledge.

Next whether the dominant thought is of experience or an idea, we further classify the artist as an empiricist who learns from the experience and so does the scientist.

A scientist could be an idealist empiricist while artist could be an empiricist materialist.

Both artist and scientist seek the good.

So we come to morality and in sense to God in seeking the true nature and determining  what an artist and a scientist does.  Their karma! Their actions!

So further artist could be an atheist or theist. So it defines his ethics in society thus determining his reality and freedom. So what is real for an artist: a pleasure seeker who defines pleasure as the basic good and he could be an atheist or theist thus redefining his  degree of freedom. If he believes in God thus giving up his freedom to the supreme thought , he is seeking reality through what he believes in, though as  a moralistic pleasure seeker.

On the other hand an idealist scientist could be an atheist and declare the creation as without any creator like Stephen Hawking.

So the basic idea of turning to morality is to self govern oneself and seek freedom from what others do to him. He is not morally obliged to devote any special consideration to any thing or any person as far as he is morally correct and thus seeks freedom in society from owning anything , any person or any idea an affiliation. Mortality makes the man free. Thus he seeks reality in society which could though be illusionary in nature.

To measure the illusion of the world, the individual then turns to the ideas of soul and God which to many are unknowable because the illusion of the world hides such ideas from an individual.

So in a reaction to illusionary nature of the world, the individual forsakes the God and soul to become an atheist while the others may embrace the ideas of Soul and God as knowable though the divine.

So what we have in the end is an individual seeking reality through his proclivity to what he chooses, pleasure or knowledge while either could lead to the doors of divine, knowledge is recommended way as it would rid individual of any conflict.

This is the reason why an artist seeks the conflict as he seeks pleasure to know God.


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