God as perfect representation for parallel universe

The nth degree as is used to define the highest degree, defines the form of God which is no doubt both human as He has to have an image of man, and divine as He has to have perfection of the highest degree.

Omniscience and omnipotence are the two attributes of God and that implies knowledge and power are present in highest degrees within  the existence of God.

The existence is not personal, transcendent and that of a creator that the God could be defined as. The God is not something that is inward or outward in nature as the subject who would believe God to be inwards might distinguish himself as God, quite contrary to the idea of God while the outwards existence of God could imply the existence of God as any other matter of the universe beyond which He actually lies. So God must not exist in this dimension but in some other dimension.

So God signifies what is wisdom and power that the rulers in modern times desire but cannot realise as the state could not establish the validity of an individual if the God is taken as the head of the state. Hence God is a hypothesis of the simulated universe or parallel universe in which He actually resides leaving the people in the third dimension to vie for knowledge and power which are semblance of God and hence serve as means to realise the God himself.


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