The fallacy of modern day knowledge

The spirit has dawned over the ages of printing press and has ushered into the world of paperless libraries where all that matters is the esoteric knowledge of the past combined with the new fangled edicts of the present. The present knowledge as contained in the vaults of technology is inward drawn onto itself and fails to entice the intellect of common man. The notion of knowledge is ever blind to the dawn of enlightenment.

What a waste is the effort of man to rise in technology, to acquire the knowledge on computer terminals of people who with a few clicks could know what they will and this will is blind to the utter idea of wisdom. Science has become dubious in its deeds though man has made mainframe and super computers capable of storing big data, the technology has made the knowledge listless and inward- drawn.

The absolute must be represented in the order of wisdom such that the emerging patterns must enforce the one and the only accompanying idea of divine inheritance of chance done to perfection by the nature devoid of dice-playing God. In the absence of the divine confluence of thought there is least chance of rescuing knowledge from the jaws of incoherent advancement of science in terms of technology whose main purpose is to garner wealth or riches rather than unifying knowledge.




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