Intuition as means to comprehend the scientific as according to Hegel

The scientific basis for truth is quite desirable but to know the absolute, man must depend on direct intuition of being, says Hegel. The intuition is the source of feeling which must complement the absolute. The absolute as it means to be the complete is the yearning of the soul to know what knowledge stands for but as Einstein has proved , the reality is though absolute in construction yet presents itself as relative to the other people as far as being is concerned. The absolute sought by Newton is what Hegel propounds but with unscientific in outlook.

Self-consciousness is the beginning of any comprehension but it might not be complete unto itself unless the transcendence into what is beyond the immediacy of thought or faith in thought is initiated and this alone cannot be done without pure intuition. Pure thought cannot exist as such since it might not yield the true nature of substance. So scientific study without the essential feeling and intuition is blind. What reason proposes is sought from logic and logic cannot take the being beyond the self-consciousness resulting from desiring knowledge. So any enthusiasm initiated by ecstasy of knowing the beauty is more relevant to comprehension than the notion of pure thought in scientific garb.

Hence in knowing the knowable, the mind has shed a part of itself which is sufficiently important to balance the intrepidness resulting from pursuing the feeling of beauty as sought in self-conscious state of acquiring the knowledge which could be divine but nonetheless never becomes divine.



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