Hegel ‘s method

We are concerned with a method that takes us along the direction of universality in knowing the particulars of subject- matter and in which the method is predominantly important.

Conflict is somehow inherent in the very nature of reality as it manifests to the naked eye.Like blossom is as important to the persona of life as is the fruit, it represents for the senses to satisfy what is obvious, the material gain which is elucidated by Marx himself in presenting a method is a far cry from knowing the limits of the things. Everything has a boundary within which it operates and beyond which it transcends itself. To know fully such a thing is hard and needs a method or a philosophical system which establishes the basic truths of things. The method Hegel employs is that of differential classification; differentiating the thing upon the basis of its general principles which must establish as a result the attributes of the thing. This further demands the method must enlighten through scientific means the true nature of the thing.

The scientific method employed to classify the thing must bear internal and external necessity to know the whole truth about it. So conflict must describe the inner and outer state of the system in which the thing operates. The inner necessity is to know the system deeply while the external necessity is that merely the system exists as it is. It is in the external necessity that essence of the thing must precede the internal necessity that is the ‘essence’.


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