Is what is necessary possible in History for Hegel?

Necessity is the requirement of any civilisation to mould itself and thrive more or less like a child from childhood into youth. We must concern with the idea of is what is necessary possible? Like now we need more freedom from ideas of 20th century that had jeopardised the freedom of man as could be seen in the rise of Nazi Germany. We must concern with possibility that implies is it possible to disassociate from Nietzsche’s idea of overman if Hitler had claimed himself to be one? So what really matters is the possibility of happening what is necessary. Next is actuality .

Is what is necessary possible? and if it is possible does it represent actuality of happening what could be termed as ‘real’ in reality. Here we more or less move towards the ideas propounded by science than arts. From there we proceed to the idea of absolute as in what is actually happening. The absolute must contain what is actual. While Hegel took the course of the universal as happening in the absolute as changing the History of the world, it might be assumed as unnecessary to look for the absolute among the History itself. So the necessary is not all together possible in History for Hegel.


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