Computers presenting metaphysics as kinematics of the universe

Metaphysics is what stands out prior to physics. Physics is the elucidation of natural laws so metaphysics becomes what is prior to these laws that is existence as emboldened prior to the motion of heavenly bodies. That is the kinematics where the forces or masses of the bodies are simply ignored to feel the essence of motion alone.

Now how man stands in relation to metaphysics is important. The existence of man as to the nature of being is what corresponds to the study as metaphysics  before he could delve in the experience of the world, implying the empirical knowledge is subordinate to the existence which comes primary. So man as subject of being prior to his experience of the world corresponds to metaphysics.

The experience of man could be defined by all the knowledge excluding that of mathematics that he has gathered and computers define the existence of man prior to such experience. The model of computation could be used to know the existence of man such that every part of his existence is made up of objects and those objects define his world and that world could be defined in terms of object oriented design used in computers such that the universe is made up of systems and systems correspond to objects and the objects are made up of components. If somehow we could obtain the data exchanged by these components which falls under the linguistics, the computers have clearly defined the metaphysics in such case.

Computers define what is there before the dynamics of existence that is a component the subject or being is made up of  which is communicating with other components of the world which are in themselves other subjects interacting with myriad of objects.


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