From where Knowledge comes from?

Abstractions! More abstractions till you see a concrete building before your eyes which you call reality. Abstractions mine knowledge but from where does abstractions come from. From senses or from intuition. Senses lead us to illusion of knowledge as we measure up our experience to the correctness of concrete reality which usually we find short of deliverance. So we are left with initiation to describe the things. We don’t form reason to derive what we know because we already know sufficient without reason to begin with. What we already know is from intuiting with our instinct to know what we need to satisfy our instinctual desires for food, shelter and sex.

After our instinctual needs are satisfied we begin to amass knowledge through senses like we begin listening to reason. What we listen to reason comes a priori while what we experience from the senses falls into a posterior. So knowledge we collect either way through empirical derivations and deductions from logic.

Logic comes first before we make any reason and it is there prior to experience and even any fundamentals that we ascribe to a priori.We abstract from Metaphysics and from logic which we use to reason out reality.


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