How much smart the love nerds are?

Nerds who sing the merry song call for lovers to unite in a total recall of future when the past is calling to dress up for the date.  They hesitate to kiss in the opening of love shots, the film panorama is blowing James Joyce’s Ulysses to rave reviews by those who take love seriously, never pondering over the matters of heart when all is needed is the heat to blow minds off. She undresses in front of the television, showing clips of recent bollywood flick that mind never indulges in. Sill the neediness of sex  is clamouring for more control in the sunshine when rain is only a desired wish for the forsaken heart. The hero among the nerds seize the  computer clans with elan as if he were cut out for a risqué life on the streets. Never mind the Nirvana though. There is enough bandwagon roulette pride left in her to bet on Jake’s side with a sigh for Goddess love which nevertheless instilled every common heart to wild raptures.

Love nerds as the time go by sit with a broad grin to fathom the seriousness of computer screens only to blow kisses in the night.


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