Marriage of sorts-Philosophy and Power

Hitler Demagogue

If you see skulls littered in the dungeon of old church which existed on the waylays of a degrading civilization, well I would stop and think for a while about love in its abandonment. Nazis did most of persecution in the light of the church as Hitler would proclaim ‘God is Dead’, he had literally hijacked the philosophy of Nietzsche who hardly had anything to do with power as such in the garb of a wayward regime. We here have marriage of sorts, a proclaimed offender claiming power while a  stubborn Philosopher denying all he could to the vagaries of propaganda in politics. Was Nietzsche married to the idea of superhuman that any psychotic person could lay his claims to be the supreme of all in the human race when in reality he is hardly fit for carrying his own personal affairs but with the tacit approval of intellectuals claim his stake to rule and uproot many other countries of Europe.

This marriage of sort of a vagrant demagogue to the best nihilistic mind of Europe that we could declare the philosophy as such dead, needs a closer examination. On much inspection we find terseness in the Philosophy of Wittgenstein that no major Philosopher would dare enunciate on the will of man. We must not be tacit in blaming Philosophy alone in uprooting of civilization in the wake of Nazi specter ruling Europe. The marriage though of thought annulled to bear any relation to such barbaric regime. We must be careful to choose not a Philosophy but statesmen.


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