Satan Sues

Satan Sues 1

The loneliness crumbles like an ill gotten painting,

of Satan suing the angels in the court of law,

The dent in the wall is visible for all.

There hung the Satan in wild dreams of a painting,

There I stood idle in the middle of Sunday morning,

folding the newspaper and tucked inside my arm,

Wondering if Love would be followed by demigods,

like a pursuit of golden chariots of fires in the skies,

there she came niggling about weather,

and it was sunny with cloudy embers hidden beneath the skies,

Zeus enraged with the Sun shinning upon her,

like making her glow with fervor for sentiments of heavenly neglect,

that happens once in the long innings of cricketers,

Playing in the Lords meadows,

And the rain Gods playing spoil sport,

there are showers and the aghast crowd,

flickers on the flames of candles,

Lucifer smiles at the destiny of man,

his arm raised to sue the heavens,

in God’s almighty defiance,

Googles the net to find a shadow boxer,

running for a championship in Singapore,

requires a plaster from the Satan,

to feeble or not to feeble is the tag,

for an answer from the heavens,

A Satan sues.


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