Metaphysics as an attempt to transcend reality


What I need to address as one of the serious problems of cognition or for that matter of all metaphysics is subjective representation of an object with which I empathize to be one with the idea of reality. Reality is what my consciousness dictates and the presence of object in the real world leads to the conception of the absolute which will initiate to possess in the whole life. A relative view is not sufficient enough to assuage the will to know other than the basic fundamentals which are made obvious by the very fact that they are present in reality.

I must move from the relative to the absolute and in the process must will to know what is otherwise impossible, to go about the other end of the universe, to reach out of the universe, to transcend the basic idea of being absolute. To merge with the reality as in oneness sought by much of the Sufism though that seems mystic in nature.

Unconsciousness awaits us after death and what we fear is the loss of memory or consciousness but moving from conscious to the unconscious is the goal of all life. Life though means getting old but still it implies a slow gradual movement towards the unconscious that exists beyond death or absoluteness rooted in the existence. If we could transcend the conscious we seek the other end of the unconscious which though exists within us and should be considered absolute.


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