Creativity in art and advertising

Creative without strategy is called ‘art’, creative with strategy is called ‘advertising is a saying coined by American Educator, Jef I. Richards. What Mr Jef I. Richards seeks to suggest is that ‘medium is the message’ when examining creativity to distinguish between art and advertising. While art as such sans any medium for conveying message, hence it is not dependent upon any strategy while advertising is achieved through media planning where strategy rules the roost.

Before we proceed further to mooting upon the role of strategy in art and advertising , we must look into nature of art and advertising in context of creativity . While for art creativity is a novel urge to be creative, it is not so for advertising. In the case of advertising what determines creativity is unique communication of pre-conceived ideas and values, thus leading to the need for strategy when it comes to advertising. As for practicing art and advertising, the artist seizes upon impulse to portray current moment and capture it in the work of art while the ad man uses careful planning to disseminate ideas and values across the pre-established target segment.


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