Are we re-engineered?

We are tampered with, our genes have been reprogrammed to make us live as humanoids. Are we mastered by fictional alien races? The races that don’t exist but inhabit our minds.We are one big dream which is the sea in which everything from unfulfilled desires to impossible will meet frustrating end.

A human body is capable of living at least 150 years but we have been captured by alien spirit only to last 70 to 80 years. We are tantalized by alcohol or smoking to die young. Are these alien baits so that we live unfruitful lives?

All our knowledge is clouded by sever doubts of our existence. Like if the universe is a simulation beyond a certain point, we are unable to fathom the extent of our reach. We have hardly found the reasons as to why we are here. The story painted by Darwin is slow and tiring when we have attained unprecedented success in technology in recent times. Are we being helped along by aliens? What we experience, we experience the will of another indomitable though fictional race.

How could fictional alien concept begin to dawn on our psyche? It is because of our mind. Our mind could be re-engineered. As we are making progress in leaps and bounds, so have our fears of meeting alien super masters have increased. The only comfort we draw for our science to have any worthwhile meaning is cosmology. The Big bang theory denies a chance for alien civilization to emerge anywhere in the universe as it says the universe is uniform in all directions and there is not enough time for alien super life to exist.

It might be there are alien genes among us that they had intermixed themselves with humans long time ago. The aliens might not exist but there thought of possessing us in our dreams is quite plausible.

If we are a simulation then aliens know exactly how to manipulate our ape like existence.


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