What is reality and knowledge?


Reality is a state or influx of happening of a moment in time such that it encompasses an event in real space and unreal time. What is in the contents of time in a moment is the reality. The contents of time in space are ever changing though in a digital fashion.

The place of man in reality is through his mind that makes him aware of spatial-temporal existence. So it is mind that comprehends the reality and visibly create the semblance of order in it. The order existing in the universe is also of spatial-temporal nature. Hence the mind is well equipped to understand his position in the universe which could mean to make a sense of the reality.

Relationships make the order but we tend to classify and then observe in silence that everything is according to a preconceived pattern such that day and night are in tandem. Nothing interrupts the cosmic space. Day and night are related to light and darkness which in turn subsumes the relative knowledge and ignorance. So cosmic order evinces knowledge from where we begin our journey into the history of mankind. Knowledge is with thought. Hence thought is paramount in the scheme of things for man.

So man through his mind tries to make a sense of the reality by studying relationships inherent in reality through knowledge. So knowledge is paramount.


How to make the machine learn a language?

Perhaps you need a data set of language containing the vocabulary and grammar rules. Next you leap over the rules making into various permutations and combinations to form sentences but the sentences need words. So what to put up first? The vocabulary. Scanning the dictionary for words and picking up the noun, the adjective, the verb and the object, a sentence could be formed. Such formation demands syntax analysis which we have already decided to put through various permutations and combinations.

Next we need a master poet to establish the meaning of the sentences and to enthuse some feeling. The feelings could reside in a database with various types of feelings. Picking up the best feeling you want to convey through the mood could be achieved by the master poet whose work we must emulate into the database prior to making the computer learn to write poems or in other words learning a language.

She bathed in the nectar mixed with milk

All dryads went for Jimmy the pix, our computer model

Well it could recite Milton as well as make bunk notes

For the passengers on the airliners.

Next we wanted pix to be a lover so swoon her

As she would type the lover letters on the pix’s screen

To group similar things together is the key to make a machine learn a language. There has to be some concept that defines words or give them the meaning so similar words having the same meaning fall into a cluster or a group. Do we have to call out for Mr. Sigmund Freud to do the psyche analysis as how the machine develops to have a functioning of making sexual assertions? Of course! Thus lending the machine an intuition and the feel.

The Sunken

There is death that puts end to all means,

whether glaring in the sky, the light shuns,

first the mountains, then the meadows and finally the sea,

it comes over in like a rush for the Violin,

that puts up dumb charade to singing,

The rain emotes all the feelings as if sunken in black,

the  death is awakening to sing the cheers of men,

there is no more life remaining but the ghost of one


In the middle of the night the flame was lit,

Only to be snuffed within an hour,

She wept by the window sill with a drink in her hand,

Much courage is of no use till you live grand,


He was a silent hero of another cage,

Where all wept profusely for mammoth age,

The stories of his courage was popular fiction,

He having mastered the unsurpassed diction,


She still was biding night,

When he knocked on the door,

There she opened the chamber,

Into her bedroom like never before,


They fell silent into the solemn night,

Nor ever there was a sound,

But the electric beat of mandolin,

Mixed with hard feet stretched around,


They were like frozen lake,

Having run off the frozen ground,

There they rested in each other’s arms,

To be paupers on starry alms,


Till the day arose,

And he having a lamentation spoke,

Forbid this land as golden haunt,

I live no more off your love rose,


The flame is long gone,

Now her chamber bore of no more love,

While she spends her covetous days,

In the memory of his lamentations like doves.



How come I am an intellectual on the move?


I think heavy but deeply about love, life and reason to believe the world as it exists in front of us, as an indomitable reality. How to decode the hidden code existing in the nature of existence? It has been decoded by many philosophers in their own philosophies then why to reinvent the wheel. The reason is thought unlike wheel needs no road to travel on. It is like jet coming and going in an instant. Thus there is sense in discovering a new philosophy as we deem.A new perspective to look at the world and I have chosen to call the new perspective as fictional existent, the fiction we see the reality to be made up of. The fiction we abstract from the domains of time to satisfy our existential needs. Thus the need to abstract precedes the existence itself. What we abstract is our personal reality that is bound to the common existence of humanity through principles that we agree upon in the first place. The fiction of circle is that there is no one particular instance that we can call the circle. There are umpteen numbers of circles as abstracted by every person in his own personal abstractions. Like time is relative so are these abstractions with each abstraction being a fictional existent of the abstraction of circle itself.

So I forming the philosophy of fictional existent, I am an intellectual on the move.


The Dead leaves

In this world there is morphine,

To silence the thoughts and lighten the spirit,

What comes to me in circles is love of yours,

Though you have denied my corpse,

In garb of myself in the mirror, laughing,

Like an ascetic on rounds of the forest,

Where love hidden is scared from the vultures,

And they want to eat me,

In full bright light of the noon,

But I deny your love for me,

And let me be eaten by the birds,

At least they fly away from stillness, the death,

Love conquers all, even the spirit of dying,

Who live the life after death only to be buried in your garden,

That’s my only desire,

To be mocked by the mocking bird,

And silence the silence upon grave’s,

Dead leaves of the grass.

Is future predeterminate?

Yes! The whole future is fixed prior to the creation of matter as time is ever present in its own dimension, that is time is dimensionless though space could be thought to exist in other dimensions. Dimensionless time could mean time can exist independent of space. As time is unreal it remains tied to its own dimension. Time could be assumed to exist indefinitely irrespective of the matter as it is unreal. Unreal in the sense that it could not be felt through consciousness yet time affects the consciousness in subtle ways.

Time is an abstraction while space is real thus all the abstractions could be thought of following the time dimension. So we intuit things as per the abstractions formed which in turn are derived from time. Then all the things we abstract we abstract from dimensionless time as their abstract existence exists prior to our intuition of them. This proves that time is eternal. If time is eternal it must be existing prior to the happening of now in discrete manner.