The Soccer match

Zombies stare out in the evening gleam,

Sunset having found its life stream on the horizon,

Luckily romance is a little wilder in the cafe,

That is showing a flick called Casablanca,

The neutrino star billion of miles away burn its core,

While he watches soccer at a mute destination called a bar,

Where from the roof is hung a football medallion,

And down under Inter Milan faces the German giants,

The star is stunned with the presence of Jove,

Who showed up his lucky face to watch the soccer contest,

I guzzle a beer,

And look at the orchestra now announcing the welcome of God,

There is no room for silence,

As she bakes a pie to enchant the guests,

Having taken their seats to watch the game,

There is no room for mediocre play,

All the bigwigs of Uefa hope the pope watches his watch,

There is silence in Cathedral as well as Bazaar,

My cousin feverishly pulled some vegetables from the Bazaar,

As I make myself comfortable with Bacardi and coke,

To celebrate as Maria had called the sun her lovely Beau,

The neutrino star is silent and aliens queue up in the space,

To watch the game,

God must be in his heaven,

As the zombie thought,

And underwent the game.


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