The accumulation of things is an act of past


The obsession with matter is a sign of being old-fashioned while the futuristic trend is to move towards the lighter side of life. The visible light is massless and hence we could see the past of light as it approaches us. The matter tends to depreciate with age, becoming almost ragged with time. Time should not be seen as destroyer but with more of gravity tends to lessen the space, yet time has tendency to move towards eternity as time is almost zero for the future.

The people who accumulate more things are more susceptible to past thus trying to preserve what they brought many years ago while the future is with becoming thingless. To shed mass is the way to the future. The eternal world could be defined with time t=0, the world where clocks stop and we get out of the world dominated by time. It is a world sans any mass.

To make some sense out of the universe we must turn towards light which one day could take on the shape of consciousness if we ever could get the sense of feeling and capture it on to the light so that consciousness could travel in the realms of the universe. For such fascination to happen, we must tend to turn towards the things that shun mass. Consciousness could be defined as the awareness of the environment. And that awareness could search the universe for any signs of life.


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