Universe as simulation- hypothesis


I am a product of deluded matrix- the contraption that has led me to believe there is an environment of the sorts which we have on the earth when exactly it is a computer simulation now behaving as a cultural environment provider. It is matrix and it is deluded in the sense it believes it has a body when it has none. It believes it is darkness around when he is sitting in a well lit room- the brain in vat. Would you believe the brain has any means to know that there is no simulation but the mercy of all powerful God?

There is no way we could prove there is no simulation though it is a brain in vat connected to matrix. If the brain is taken out of vat and put into life over the head of a man, would the brain conjecture that the body of a man is an illusion? So far the vatted brain incorrectly believes it has body as the body is an illusion in the matrix. But if it continues to believe it has body when put on the head of a man then surely we know we are a product of simulation. The vat on body would believe in an illusion of body.

How come the body is an illusion? The body is a hologram containing data in digital form as coded into the deepest link as possible. Does the book, survival of the fittest, ever assumed the brain in vat could develop without having an associated body? The brain in vat produces significant thought about the simulation of reality. The simulated reality throws light upon the consciousness as to believe in the idea of reality through neurons which means body has the cause in neurons and it is only an effect of an image or hologram thus produced.


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