What is reality and knowledge?


Reality is a state or influx of happening of a moment in time such that it encompasses an event in real space and unreal time. What is in the contents of time in a moment is the reality. The contents of time in space are ever changing though in a digital fashion.

The place of man in reality is through his mind that makes him aware of spatial-temporal existence. So it is mind that comprehends the reality and visibly create the semblance of order in it. The order existing in the universe is also of spatial-temporal nature. Hence the mind is well equipped to understand his position in the universe which could mean to make a sense of the reality.

Relationships make the order but we tend to classify and then observe in silence that everything is according to a preconceived pattern such that day and night are in tandem. Nothing interrupts the cosmic space. Day and night are related to light and darkness which in turn subsumes the relative knowledge and ignorance. So cosmic order evinces knowledge from where we begin our journey into the history of mankind. Knowledge is with thought. Hence thought is paramount in the scheme of things for man.

So man through his mind tries to make a sense of the reality by studying relationships inherent in reality through knowledge. So knowledge is paramount.


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