How come I am an intellectual on the move?


I think heavy but deeply about love, life and reason to believe the world as it exists in front of us, as an indomitable reality. How to decode the hidden code existing in the nature of existence? It has been decoded by many philosophers in their own philosophies then why to reinvent the wheel. The reason is thought unlike wheel needs no road to travel on. It is like jet coming and going in an instant. Thus there is sense in discovering a new philosophy as we deem.A new perspective to look at the world and I have chosen to call the new perspective as fictional existent, the fiction we see the reality to be made up of. The fiction we abstract from the domains of time to satisfy our existential needs. Thus the need to abstract precedes the existence itself. What we abstract is our personal reality that is bound to the common existence of humanity through principles that we agree upon in the first place. The fiction of circle is that there is no one particular instance that we can call the circle. There are umpteen numbers of circles as abstracted by every person in his own personal abstractions. Like time is relative so are these abstractions with each abstraction being a fictional existent of the abstraction of circle itself.

So I forming the philosophy of fictional existent, I am an intellectual on the move.



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