The Duel in offing

To strike terror off his foe’s feet,

He fled to rise to the podium before a gathering,

Asking everyone for a dying ritual to meet,

the love of an aging flame now softening,


That had raged over a decade ago,

When he fell in love for the first time,

And now gathered smolders of yore,

To silence himself and his foe who sought crime,

To revenge the love of a husband for wife,

He was willing to duel if law did permit,

The lover had promised the forgetfulness of knife,

And now called for the ancient rite to burn the effigy and submit,

Of a devil who had called upon to meet him as his foe,

Clamoring for the hand of his lover as lawful wed wife,

He was not a minnow but his foe was who drunk on chastity,

Was willing to strike the blows in a duel,

The duel that was imminent to pursue,

Love for love’s sake, either to meet his due,

Rest assured the love would not fall prey,

As archangel had risen as a second to the duel,

With the interest of Gods surging in heavens,

So he thought as they prepared to meet,

Face to face in the heat,

Of December morning, fatal blow would yield,

The rightful hand for the maiden,

Who had no power to seek either in the duel,

As both would fall prey to love’s claws,

And call the destiny as love’s nest on trail.


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