The Ocean Floor

These summer tides ebb and rise,

To form a panoply of ocean love,

Love in every drop is nectar’s bind,

For our lips to taste the love divine,


We sink to the bottom of ocean floor,

And more love we have begot,

For love’s freer hand,

On the ocean mead,

shall bestow flowers on our grave,

As fresh as new born day far away,


The water at the ocean floor,

Is just pleasant more,

What had we done to harm the world?

That a big blue whale chase upon our heels,

No ship and without any keel,

We give into the violent beast,

Let the blue whale rip us apart,

Still love will live in our torn heart,


We to be in unison with the cosmos,

That a morning star would be paler,

In contrast to our ocean fate,

we would yield to heavenly delight,

No mercy on our earthly plight,

That sunk below the ocean,

We shall be on the lips of heaven,


Together we entwined as a bead of rosary,

In maiden’s hand,

A gender denied is gender had,

And love conquers all .



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