On the foam of clouds does the heavens sit,

There rains the thunder with Zeus’s bolt,

And the heavens draw nourishment from the hit,

Of lightening and the world seems to get rain’s jolt,


Bold indeed is Serphia’s troll,

Who light the air and watch for heaven’s knoll,

There in the cloudy spires does Serphia rule and roll,

With the fist and finger of magician’s toll,


In humans there is desire omnipotent,

Of delight with the song of heavens,

To put the heads in the heavens as competent,

And have heavens in the heads like a heathen,


In the end to love life is the sweetest joy,

To live with the heavens around,,

And none to pass by but the heartbeat coy,

Of yore singing the songs of praise abound,


The musicians lent their instruments to the heavenly sound,

There stands a maiden dressed up like bride,

Who’s wed to the morning light and bound,

On hearing the heart rapture at symphony and abide,


With the nature and its solemn colonies,

That are ruled by heavens’ wake,

To bring about everything on common time,

That surely obeys for our sake,


In the end heaven is a figure bound,

In celestial realm of matter and body,

No charlatan a man could be found,

And pure deed in heaven is lady.


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