A poet on science of Aliens

I Love the lobes of aliens drooping,

And the world finding aliens’ mysteries stunning,

I am hooked to the primordial life on planet,

Calling for the more imaginative shots of absinthe in the making,

Of revealing the truths about alien destinies,

We a race of the apes finding space beckoning,

Have arrived on the moon with mars pending,

Soon we travel fast in a space ship zooming about the cosmos,

It is attractive to the thinking ape that I am,

To attract another race far among the stars hiding beneath,

Light of pale fading color as seen from distance,

May be there lurks another civilization booming,

Who knows the time but time itself,

May be the aliens out there wear a different watch,

Made of different time hence they are lost in space for us,

That we have not been able to contact them ever since,

We walked the planet earth in awe of the skies,

And having invented fire we have come distance,

To launch ourselves into the space and there go apes,

In the columns of spacetime to discover another use of wheel,

That there is a wheel but hidden into spaceship that has propelled us,

Into the heavens and beyond

And one day on meeting an alien

We might shed a tear or so for they might be a cheerful race

Obsessed with Gods and their chariots on fire.

For now I would only restrain myself to my loneliness

And heavens above which bode us to follow the tracks

And discover aliens looking for us

Like our true twin brothers.


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