And a dead night’s warrior rose to fight

For your face under the Neptune’s veil

That sticks like silence on thee lips

The hues of mortal dance are lithe in space

As the dancers wind up in immortal gaze

This is the reason for your love that is complacent

In carrying wind through the scathing love of your bosom

It is a pantomime, l glance at your side

You calmly winding through the stairs in sparrow’s flight

Do I have to say of the spirit that is you?

Who sings a song of separation at the function

Of Love’s celebration in arty mold.

Do I say the story of my fave birds?

Who having taken the flight return home

Where I stand and wait in sky’s gaze

Looking upwards where I see your face

Tears falling like molten gold in a dust of summer’s haze

I wonder why did the fall leaves bloom

When you never return even in gloom


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