The Old and the new

Love you with all the will of heavens

You delight in the summons of Emperor

Who would partake nothing but love of the Gods

And here you rest in naked feet as sworn to pledge

to tip-toe in my presence like paying homage

To the Love God and you would offer to him nectar

And the love rose would blush in the hands of a maiden

And in the end on the altar lies your soul

Unsure of any God who might exist out of chaos

You find around and it sits like an order of the cosmos

And you are young fox


Why don’t you have a feeling for the old?

The sagging life hardly shaking but with a gusto

Looking for some satisfaction to the end of the world

Why don’t you see the old faces smiling?

What is in the body of a damsel that dazzles the stars?

Hung on the tree as if it is the ultimate decree

I am lost to the vixen and the shrew

And the damn earth that helped them grew


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