The Mourning Revisited

She wore black dress from tip to toe

For the mourning of bosom friend

Who having rolled the life-cart to and fro

Had left for the heaven’s end


Leaving her what the pangs of death bore

A lampoon-message satirical-symbol love-sign

Had made her a fashionable wretch sore

As priest made thin air into halo divine


Since her friend Tammy, a weather forecaster

Were no more cloud reader as one cloud she had turned


And in her cocoon she sang Russian rhymes

In a moment she had been frozen ocean

Called for Bacardi tinged with splayed lime

And the last sip she drank for love motion


And sang symphonies of dark night and sank

Into another world Less perfect though

But her own to tell that she thanked

The Lord for the peace that would sough


This is the class of emeritus professor

Reading from the Bible The exodus and the love

She mourned till Monday arose far up above.



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