The Gaunt

Seemed like he devoured a bottle of whiskey

Standing there by the corner near Churchyard

No one could lay claim to call him risky

But he was adamant he be an outright bard


Pale and showing tremors of love

He decided to call his beloved, Naina

Who was an intern at hospital ,by Jove

And he dialed her number for a Savanna


She smelled the breath of whiskey

From the haggard speech he spoke

He called it wish-key

And talked nonetheless about Kafka and his joke


About the bug that entered the bed

Of the hero in Metamorphosis

Was he himself the bug he decreed

She called him a bug osmosis


But he was patient with her, he had been gaunt

With the drinking and drowsiness

She pulled the phone and ask him to jot a jaunt

From where to have medicine for sleeplessness


He tried to speak but she rushed and lost in deep guttural voice was a bye!


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