The Love Dive

I shall sing the song of lee winds

Chiming the bells decked

Loved by the forlorn maid who in her lowly minds

Would flaunt the golden bracelet bedecked


The men in wanting for her body

Lay waste many traps calling her sinister baby

Then came the thunderstorm shaving all the cloddy

the buildings and making equal the graft may be


But on the ship I can’t get out of head is the keel

Where flew the water mercilessly while

The thunderstorm shook the lights off the wheel

She was adamant of a dive with the wee smile


Hours of morning and in the depths of glorious

Waters seem she float again bobbing for the last minute

The captain called the rescue team to bring her shore porous

But in the depths she had lost the will to stay float en route


And the ship seemed Joylessly bound to the hopeless fate.








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