The Ghost Tower

The Tower is said to be lived by ghost

Who choose the place and wait

For the people who are chaste

And fit there a genuine bat as bait


It happens the people find ghost

When go missing on a date

Rollicking and crying lost

For his master and be sate


His master is another ghost

A lover of flowers

And looks for lily in the valley lost

As she swears by glowers


They love each other but when

They come in contact with people

They wander away and then

Send the shattering ripple


From one heart to another

And once John was caught

By the bat, called her mother

Sworn he has seen hanging naught


By the tower where ghosts sat

Arms in arms and lips sealed

As if the blood they spat

In kissing each other and reeled


For the heavens sake

Live by the hanging matter

And as in Finnegans wake

Drip in the holy water


For Ulysess’s wait to end the war and meet the fate



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