Divine Touch

What to procure for oneself but

A destiny of Gods would compel

The search for humaneness in set

Is our divine goal to tell


A lost city like a lost civilization

Is but in rumination

The Lord Krishna in play

For the likes of Radha that may


Dance on the shores of India

About 30,000 years ago

For beginning of love encyclopedia

And around the gates would go


The dance of Radha in meads

To the krishna’s flute

The chirping birds would like beads

Of rosary would not refute


A single tone of Krishna

In love immersed love would do

Bring the Radha to her feet

Like a singing Koyel would too


Repeat the rhythm of Krishna’s heart

Where else has been the lark

As her eyes would dart

And Krishna’s tune would kill the bark


Of thorny The love in its gloom

There’s the purple dream in her eyes

As Krishna would bring to loom

The love kiss and all the sighs


Of love having fulfilled

It’s transposing need

To sing the song of refilled

Earth’s solemn promise and deed


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