Irreducible mind of rascality

Irreducible mind means the mind cannot be reduced to physical processes occurring in the brain and that it has life of its own. It is independent of any physical process and is pure psychic in the sense that consciousness could be attributed to irreducible mind. The person whose mind is irreducible has to behave in such a manner that he doesn’t seem to be dishonest or mean and that there is no enough recrimination towards the self. He has become oneself that is unified whole that doesn’t have any conflict within or without.

He is a profound human and in very human there is substantial amount of malice. But it suggests he doesn’t have any malice within himself such that there is no rascality existing in him. But still there could be malice returned towards oneself that is unbinding the spirit to believe in worthlessness or could lead to nihilistic behavior. Still this darkness lurks in every human being and it is not to be feared or fret over as it could act like manure acts for the perfume of rose. Before becoming a rascal oneself, the person could endure greater heights and see his zoomed life like no one else.

For the people who excel in life whether as a poet, physicist, mathematician, politician, or an actor or could be any field for that matter should cultivate the dark feelings of malice directed towards oneself. These in fact are moral scruples which could lay the foundation of our tomorrow.

To accept oneself is a virtue if it can’t be done the mind shall respond to life with regrets and these regrets are not the cause of some carnal activity happening in the brain. It could be directly the result of rascality shown towards oneself. The sanity comes only through unprejudiced objectivity which could be thought of as scientific inquiry into nature.


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