Able to speak the truth was a liability for the folks

Who fought with the armies a galore

Like a possessed lover in throes

What could be thought of a device that is thoughtful

To the eyes appeared the morph of serpentine authority

And the lips of the people were sealed as to know

Why love has rocked in the first place?

Where shadows stood idle in the waylay

Of robbers sneaking on the commoners prey less

There was a mock of the religion so was the queen

When guillotine fell like a bolt from the skies

Thence ended the revolution and then the one began

To bring the equality Marx did the trickery

But all failed as Stalin took the hounds to train on themselves

And not a sound was heard when they lynched the state

Off its abundance and off it went into mortuary

Who came for the autopsy was the Kremlin

And they declared God is dead

For the rousing welcome from the people as unknowns

And long live the chance that made Marx in the first place

Was on the drier parched lips of Siberian snow

No one comes the second not even the snow

Where fell the legends and communism was blasphemy

For the masses who need bread more than sickle

There is suggestion love knows its own cause

And you have to floweth to the sea, motionless.



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