Bag of gold

Who kept the bag in circle?

No one mister but the fate of man

Then why man could not have it

It is in the destiny’s child to have gold

I want to tear off my bondage to gold

But not to you who placed the gold there

In the middle of the circle

I must have it exclaimed the shepherd

My sheep are free to graze the field

And  with this gold I buy a field

Where I would be free with sheep

To graze the garden at will

But there is no will but nothing

To choose gold in the first place was blunder

It was blunder worth making

Gold shines brightest and I must not see

Anything but the mercy of Gods on the spirit

Let the gold be with God and we give up

everything to His will and nature shall oblige

But nothing nature would give but comprehension

of God’s equation and nothing at all more I need.





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