The Destiny

The deep seas lay afar into infinity from the parasol

On this side was he and on her side the light struck play on her cheeks

and He thought and betwixt the thought send a wink

There was distance as long as the eyes would wander

And returned silently to ponder over


What have I in my destiny an acceptance of love?

He sat there for the meanderings of his thoughts

Should I go Should I stay on with her

There was silence more sincere than her promise

and there were shadows on the land as sincere as were the clouds


Still no conclusion he would reach

The pines shook with the wind

And the wind shook his essence

What I am picking up these musings

On this Sunday afternoon on the beach


Rather left alone with nobody else

Till he saw a tortoise chasing the shoreline

And falling away from itself nonetheless

Trying to overcome its own sweet little destiny.

And she was aghast with first drops of rain water.




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