Utopia is possible

Out of non plausible situation when History is yet to witness Utopia, there are chances that the circumstances might be breeding right under our nose that might upstage the current socio-political order for Utopia to emerge. Utopia is being considered as idea far-fetched  with failed intellectual progress we have made over the centuries. The philosophers have discoursed on philosophies that have hardly taken the form of Utopia. Why Utopia is eluding us is the reason we have hardly managed much progress in microbiology as compared to astronomy. So it is believed that utopia exists beyond the heavens which might be true for a civilization out there that is more intelligent than we could deem right now. But the real progress as regarding to utopia is that we have to evolve as ideal race may be as evinced by Nietzsche which could be a possibility through cell automation.

The political scenario seems bleak as there is hardly any existing ideology that holds any promise though Marx had come closer but was defeated by the blind will of man that opts for corruption. To rule out corruption we might have to employ the techniques of Eugenics to get rid of negative, Dystopian attributes which could work on two fronts one bringing in positive Utopian attributes and getting rid of any negativity that inflates our Super Ego and thus making us enter into conflict with the cosmos. In unity with Yin and Yang we could make progress by belittling that is antithetical to our self image like inflated egos out of nothing, and leaving us with an open ended possibility to feel and see utopia in our lifetime.


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