Energy is not a property of matter

Energy is not contained in matter or mass as we are familiar with the famous equation of Einstein e=mc^2. It is emitted when certain work is done with the application of force. So what is sending the light from the sun, is there a force or the sun is doing work? The questions are absurd as light is massless yet emitting energy. There must be absence of force in the sun that is performing the magic as we are seeing the world.

The absence of force is in the gravity of the sun. We can’t walk without the absence of this force and we can’t see without it. Newton is half correct when he says force keeps the motion while Einstein is also half correct when he says it is the energy that is keeping the matter through curvature of the space. There is third invisible force that is surely by its absence makes its presence felt and it is in the gravity.

So energy is not a property of matter as is thought by Einstein that keeps the mass together but is invisible force that makes the absence of force in gravity felt.


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