Dialectics of motion

Could we observe the state of an object if there exists no force? No force meaning collapse of the object but it is not going to collapse as the tension compensates for the cancelling of all forces rather than the gravity that keeps the force. Hence the absence of force exists.

The absence of force generates the motion as Einstein has shown when the light accelerates under the influence of gravity. While in vacuum there exerts a force that keeps the motion of photon till the photon meets the gravity such that absence of force itself in gravity lends motion to the particle in terms of direction.

If Hegel is to be believed there are the opposites that drive the cosmos forward so its the absence of force as exerted by the motion of sun hence its gravity that propels the necessary force to keep the earth in motion besides the curvature of the space. The absence of force in gravity exists as there was the inertia when the sun’s creation came to under the folds. Hence big bang could be thought of as started with the absence of force and then the creation of force which came along with the birth of gravity. Was there any gravity in the mass of the plasma that existed in the early phase of the universe’s creation? Must be so, gravity is the condition of matter rather than that of the motion.

Newton says the force keeps the motion with dynamics while Einstein contends its the absence of such force that keeps the photon on its journey when under the influence of gravity. So there exists absence of force in the gravity itself that keeps the motion in the right perspective besides the force exerted by the objects in motion.



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