Is Philosophy dead?

In convention in 2011 Stephen Hawking declared philosophy to be dead as it could not keep pace with the manner Physics has progressed over the years. It is the inert nature of philosophers to ignore Physics that today philosophy stands vindicated of its blame as surrogate mother to sciences which it once was. No more a philosopher conjectures about life as it was with nature when Kant and others illustrated the usefulness to study time and space.

It is believed that Philosophy has lost its capability to describe life as Physics has rendered it useless to elucidate anything on nature. But scientists might be wrong in underestimating Philosophy as for Philosophy the world is the case, not universe and man is the source of any dynamics of life rather than black holes. To reduce man to particles and speculate on the arrangement of particles is not good Physics or Philosophy. So to answer a question like why we are here in the universe is remarkably different from why we are here in the world? In later terms nature is interpreted through artistic means rather than scientific theories. So the first question that comes to mind is about nothingness. Science suggests there is nothing called nothingness but life suggests many a times man feels nothingness in his existence. So as far as the man goes making strides in technology he would severely be dependent on Philosophy for interpreting life and hence for him Philosophy is never dead.


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