Ptolemy’s model could be the model for mind

The earth as the center of the universe which metaphorically means the activity of man is important to him as what happens on earth is in significance a lot more meaningful to the activities as pursued. For a person whose sole calibration with the universe is self preserving his existence that his world revolves around the mind which occupies the most significant seat in universe. As for Brahmins in India all that evident is reality of self which is the seed of the universe around him, exists as such the source of all the vitality of life. The conception of the earth as the center of the universe could be taken to mean a whole lot of spiritual knowledge unfolding as seen in many religions.

Spiritually I feel my mind is the center of the universe which Ptolemy referred to the physical. If my mind is the central hub of the universe all the physical activity for me follows from my mind thus Ptolemy has got relevance today besides his idea of celestial sphere where exists all the stars. His model could befit the model of mind, the inner world of the self which is the source of all the perception of the universe. What is important is that in the model of Ptolemy all the sun, moon and planets circle the earth which means spiritually earth is the source of power from where emanates the motion. It appears as from the daily observation that the sun does go around the earth which though is an illusion of earth’s rotation about its axis. Apart from the physical motion of the heavenly bodies, the model of Ptolemy could represent the internal life of mind and could encourage idealism to correct the model where Ptolemy went wrong.


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