Consciousness of man is more than ape yet the same

Consciousness could be a wave of neurons that much no longer different in apes than in modern man. The conclusions of apes of the world are the same as that of man that the world is meaningless. Modern man has found lot of knowledge though he yet to travel in a spaceship and his consciousness is the same as that of an ape; there is an illusion of matter which the modern man has been unable to dispel. That is matter is wave as well as particle. Consciousness though is wave yet not particle hence it could travel at more than the speeds of light. What I mean by travelling at speed, man sitting on the earth is aware of the distances in light years to various planets hence he is conscious of these distances and when these distances are compared to comparative smaller distances on the earth, he is aware of the stars in such a way that though he could picture going to them yet is not feasible hence his consciousness travels as far as the imaginable star distances from the earth.

The apes were not aware of these distances yet they could fancy the stars as far as apart from them as other places on the earth. In short they could not make sense of the spatial relations and time yet they were conscious of a superpower existing in the skies that might devour them;and there came poetry which the modern man uses to sing praises to God. The dip of consciousness hasn’t much changed since the beginning of time on the earth with advent of Adam though we are aware of much more than Adam would. Still the consciousness is same so it must be that matter is alive of consciousness in equal proportions though levels may be high or low depending upon our condition in time.


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