Nature as an artist

Nature is a solo creator admiring on its own creation could be the thoughts of an artist on seeing one of the pictures of Van Gogh. It is worthwhile to note that the artist merges with the nature while creating the picture that helps us with making an observation that Van Gogh has transcended time in mingling with nature.

But what in fact could be nature, it’s an Eros, a life affirming force existing around the consciousness of man. So to touch the nature you need to touch your consciousness as many times you might have felt an urge for a poem when viewing the setting or rising sun. The consciousness that scientist commands as his will is the consciousness the artist takes in creating a world of his own. So nature creates or paints the world which we uniquely determine as our own. Thus nature could be viewed as an artist. But then it might have to accept the idiosyncrasies of an artist which could be realized in volcanoes. Is volcano not a whim of nature? So nature works with a fanciful idea of creating and destroying and ever creating again that the cycle never ends as Hegel categorizes such behavior of nature which he calls spirit as dialectical materialism.

Nature is an artist may be of its own superior will which Schopenhauer called blind when manifested in man. Thus if nature could manifest as an artist within the man, there must be something special that Einstein wants to discover from the hidden reality of nature. It could be thought that Nature hides itself only to be discovered by fluke that it is an artist of up most degree like brilliant artists only to be discovered without any choice.


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