Occurrence as condition for time travel

Occurrence of event is time and no occurrence is copy of past or future depending upon if the event is yet to occur otherwise it must be past. If it never occurred it must be the future so we could travel between the time occurrences. Einstein proposed time as occurring relative to motion and also time continues to occur when there is no motion. Sitting you are moving into future and receding away from the event in opposite direction could take you into the past. So as we move further away from the western coast of the US we move into the past while travelling towards London we move into the future. Since the distances are covered in finite period of time we remain in ‘now’ as time is extending into infinite future. Thus for me the future is fiction which out of finite possibilities happen in a particular occurrence that is already stored in the future slice of time.

Like the possible combinations I can have with three cards out of a deck of cards, time has infinite combinations out of which I draw say only three occurrences as to what is happening to me ‘now’. As I read those three occurrences like when I brought wine, I lost my wallet and with it my driving license. The purchasing of wine is an occurrence corresponding to which I lost my wallet which is another occurrence. These occurrences run through in future is time travel prior to their call for happening.


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