Satanic Verses of Rushdie, a sexual expletive about God

Satanic Verses could be read as a brief history of God through with his creation and later on His angels fearing for themselves taking refuge in the celebration of sexual guilt with God having given birth to Islam through Mahound, a character in the novel. Compared to James Joyce Finnegan’s wake where the world is visited through the sexual guilt of man, in Satanic Verses the world is revisited through the sexual guilt of God as having revealed the creation to the prophet Mahound. It is the transformation of ordinary Gibreel into an archangel who discovers having ridden of his love mate in favor of another woman and that’s the morals of an angel for Mr Rushide ! Thus claiming the creation of love by God as one having treachery hidden beneath it. The God must have willed life as a promise to a forsaken lover who actually commits suicide for the want of love could be the interpretation of dreams of Gibreel Frashita. Thus impersonating God as having unable to fulfill His own love what crap must have been revealed to Mahound about the creation could be a fair guess by the reader. So living on the earth for the forsaken love of God is an eternal sin as it becomes one with the sexual beseeching of Salman Rusdie in turning overcoat for the character of Gibreel Frashita.



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