Cybernetics- Time as the machine

Entropy, the degree of randomness in the system is perceived to be increasing as we make meaningful dialogue with the nature and scientists after much effort tend to bring the scheme of things in proper light only because they find increase in entropy. Time opposes the conceptions of physics as Einstein found in relativistic nature of  Time with time  as manifesting in nature beginning with the idea of building the perceived ‘order’ in nature and decreasing the entropy so that man could enter into a meaningful dialogue that goes beyond cause and effect. Science is open to causal study of nature and hardly believes in what that could not be observed like abstracting present and therefore everything from the immense sea of future when the effect precedes the cause,leaving us with time. I want to know the effects of being restrained to say a region and therefore I am more interested in facts which appear as effects and lesser concerned with causes that is precisely what cybernetics does, using time as it is an effect. Cybernetics build a facade of communication and control over a machine such that it produces the effects say of being a man and raises questions like could machines have future? It is the most difficult question on the planet earth as it is difficult to say no since the universe itself is a juggernaut of a machine abstracting itself in our psyche. The machine though could have causes for its existence, its the behavior produced by cybernetics that is the challenge such that future exists as one big sea of fiction from where man draws his ideas as he ushers into the era of futuristic yet modern times.


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