Universe is as conscious as we become

Universe is a part of our organic whole since we have evolved in the universe and not as a different entity outside of nature but with the nature. So our brain evolved and alongside evolved the mind which was unified by Freud in matters that subjectivity of the space and time is really a product of our mind. So when we think about the universe, we think about it alongside ourselves as we are also the part of the universe as much as the universe is part of us. Thus universe is conscious when we observe it.

The consciousness that makes us what we are and the awareness of ourselves in the scheme of things as far as the universe is concerned, indelibly assumes the moon is observing us when we go on to observe the moon thus leaving moon with the consciousness which we abstract from the heavenly bodies. Hence it is the abstraction of instances of objects that our brain makes which leave the observed objects with the tracts of semi-consciousness at least. In his evolutionary theory Darwin ignores the complicity of mind but mind sure has evolved as a psyche with profuse examples from Greek mythology and other ancient myths which treat mind as living organism with common goal to have a place of its own in the universe and the universe abstracts the bodies from the psyche. The consciousness link with the universe is fully endorsed. Thus we abstract the heavenly bodies thus acquiring consciousness and the heavenly bodies acquiring consciousness with abstractions in our psyche.


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