When Jesus was a teenager

Harold_Copping_Jesus_with_Mary_and_Joseph_in_the_workshop_350There haloed divinity around the Christ. It was the divine nature as it would reveal to the mystics in the form of undulating waves of the indomitable spirit which nonetheless never dies, and that was the part of Christ’s existence. So when Christ was a teenager, his father Joseph died from a fall from the building which brought young Christ to confront divine reality as that which brings deliverance from the life to the man who is a progeny of God. So if God had willed from his superior will, his father had to die so he is dead.

The reason for divine nature to exist are plenty in religion to describe the methodology of God, how He operates from with in the heavens? If heavens ever exist. Christ took the divine nature in his stride and as a teenager was fortunate enough to understand the nature as having tentacles into life that are not easy to comprehend even for the son of God as nature reveals nothing on its own to anybody and it is the will of the knower to know. This will of young Christ was challenged by the incident and he went on to formulate a Lord’s prayer, the first attempt by Christ to lay the foundations of his metaphysics though it had a grasp relating to family. Unlike the metaphysics of Socrates, the metaphysics of Christ put family at the heart of creation as inspired from the death of his own father. No wonder it later on emerged as a concept of trinity with the holy spirit playing the role of divine nature between Christ himself and his father Joseph.


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