Consciousness as quantum leaps of knowledge

Mind over matter by fineartamerica.comMind is the source of alienation or togetherness as felt or perceived by the individual. Mind is the source of wellness of the individual. But why does matter let mind rule itself? The answer is consciousness streams the matter the way it appears to us. So no amount of matter is going to make sick unless you feel sickness in the mind. The illusion of matter is created by mind and consciousness believes in the illusion as far as the desire of the individual permits. Many ascetics who deny desire substantially lessen the illusion of matter. Their mind still could be sick. The importance of mind over matter is with quantum leaps of consciousness. The mind is thought to be storehouse of imagination as is being performed by the brain. The imagination grows and makes the world around as beautiful but substantial part of the imagination ought to be with the understanding of the universe which is possible only through knowledge. The mind accumulates knowledge which results in jumps or leaps of consciousness. Hence we feel important and wanted as we become aware of ourselves through increase in knowledge with quantum jumps of consciousness. These quantum leaps of consciousness is directly tantamount to the quantum leaps or jumps of matter which is the source of knowledge. Hence there is visible link of consciousness to the matter which it studies and encompasses itself to grow with the study of the matter.

All matter is only a possibility which is turned into actuality by the consciousness acquiring knowledge thus restoring the dominance of mind over matter to which the matter appears only as an image of hologram.


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